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  • Title: Nordkraft
  • Release year: 2005
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Romance
  • Director: Ole Christian Madsen
  • Actors: Signe Egholm Olsen, Claus Riis Østergaard, Thure Lindhardt, Farshad Kholghi, Thomas L. Corneliussen, Pernille Vallentin, Signe Vaupel, Rudi Köhnke, Maria Stenz, Finn Storgaard, Ole Christian Madsen
  • Movie length: 125 min.

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Mainly this is a great film for fans of Pernille Vallentin. It starts really fast, slows up a bit in the middle. Action is good although I really hated some scenes redundant use of fixed shots that was another reason why I put another star but besides that it was amusing. Nordkraft I loved a lot and find it to be clear to follow along with. One of the worst movies in the Universe, Nordkraft is before you right now! This movie is from year 2005 and it would not bring you pleasurable moments at all. Duration of the uninteresting movie is 125 minutes with not interesting acting of not bad actors like Pernille Vallentin, Rudi Köhnke, Signe Egholm Olsen, Maria Stenz, Thomas L. Corneliussen. The director is not good too, some scenes are very long and some are very short. In our opinion that this is the worst of movies of Crime genre in the world! If you are crazy about Crime movies with much of fantastic action then Nordkraft is one of the best film for you. Waiting? Go and start watching this film right now. Do not hesitate to add to your tweeter this film.

Nordkraft movie is not only a good must watch and stunning film, but it's supposed to be a top.

Famous celebrities as Thure Lindhardt, Thomas L. Corneliussen, Claus Riis Østergaard make this Drama movie exclusive. So, Nordkraft movie is 100% best movie in Drama category in 2005. Movie stars like Thure Lindhardt, Thomas L. Corneliussen, Claus Riis Østergaard made this great film even better. Nordkraft was created in 2005 and belongs to Drama category. Film time is 125 min.

With the beginning of the movie it was full of good moments. What I really loved in the movie was the serious story. Producers of 'Nordkraft' show us again that their movie is fantastic!

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