Se The Devil's Chair 2006 streaming av film

  • Title: The Devil's Chair
  • Release year: 2006
  • Director: Adam Mason
  • Actors: Andrew Howard, Pollyanna Rose, Olivia Hill, Nadja Brand, Eric M. Breiman, Gary Mackay, David Gant, Louise Griffiths, Elize du Toit, Matt Berry, Adam Mason
  • Movie length: 91 min.
  • Movie genres: Horror

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The Devil's Chair film was designed in 2006 and it belongs to Horror genre. Famous actors as Gary Mackay, Louise Griffiths, Matt Berry, Nadja Brand, Andrew Howard make this Horror film exclusive. It is true, The Devil's Chair is one of the hottest film in Horror category in 2006. Such actors like Gary Mackay, Louise Griffiths, Matt Berry, Nadja Brand, Andrew Howard made this marvelous movie even more better. Movie time: 91 mins.

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